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Pashmina Silk Scarf From Nepal 101

Scaf from Nepal


Fashion Accessories by Parvane is proud to bring you premium, 100% pure pashmina. Our pashmina shawls, wraps and scarves will liven up your entire wardrobe and add warmth to your life.

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This beautiful lightweight and warm scarf is perfect for everyday use. Pashmina, the finest cashmere wool has been popular for centuries among royalty and other elites as the finest, most luxurious wool in the world. For a thousand years or more, this glorious wool has been prized for its warmth, lightness and durability. For lightness and warmth, pashmina wool is unmatched. Delicate and soft to touch, it caresses the skin. It is not surprising that pashmina has been successful in establishing its uniqueness among fashion wears through out the planet.

Made in Nepal.

Size: 45 * 137 cm

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