Genuine Italian Leather Handbags I Medici

I Medici Handbags

I Medici is a famous brand of Italian leather handbags, briefcases, messenger bags, duffel bags, backpacks and bags that have been made in Tuscany, Italy.

For more than 60 years. Based in Florence, Italy the brand prides itself on creating high-quality Italian leather products combined with modern-day sophistication. The Medici line of product combines comfort, fashion and tradition, and versatility that have been passed on from generation to generation.

Medici Handbags are completely biodegradable and ideal for anyone who suffers from chrome related allergies. Only vegetable inks are used in the tanning process guaranteed and promoted around the world for their special artisan qualities by the Italian Vegetable Tanned Leather Consortium.The entire production process from start to finish takes a place in Tuscany, Italy.

I Medici prides itself on creating high quality Italian genuine leather products for business men and women combined with modern-day sophistication. With the economically friendly approach of vegetable tanning instead of artificial tanning.

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