The Infinity of Scarves

I began last autumn on a tight budget and even tighter clothes. Usually, I would solve the latter problem by shopping for a new fall/winter wardrobe, but due to the former issue, I had to get creative.

Enter the versatility of the scarf. The scarf is the most magical of all accessories. A simple, classic scarf can be paired with a variety of basic, solid coluor tops to create a myriad of elegant looks. Plus, when temperatures drop, the scarf is there to keep you warm. Oh, did it start raining or snowing? Wrap it over your hair when you go outside to protect that coiffed ‘do.

Scarf shopping seems relatively easy, right? Scarves are everywhere. But, I learned (the hard way) you can’t cheap out too much on a scarf if you want it to drape well and not leave fluff all over you. Even after multiple runs through my washer and dryer, my cheap scarf still requires me to carry a lint brush in my purse every time I wear it if I want to look polished.

My favourite scarves that have stood up flawlessly to countless wears are made of wool and/or silk. In addition to their durability and polished look, you simply cannot beat the tactile experience of a wool scarf, a silk scarf, or a wool-silk blend scarf. It’s the kind of thing that will make strangers in an elevator ask if they can touch your scarf. Some people mind find that off-putting, but I choose to take it as a compliment that my scarves look as irresistible as a cupcake on a countertop.

When it’s extra chilly outside (or inside your office where they insist on blasting the A/C even in the dead of Canadian winter), there is nothing better than wrapping yourself in a big wool scarf. And if you’re lucky, your boss will walk by, see that you are wearing a scarf as a blanket, and come back with a nice little space heater for your desk.

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